New Orleans Investigation

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Find Missing Persons

We specialize in locating displaced individuals from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. (Number of missing persons found


We provide video surveillance (including remote) in urban and rural areas for civil, criminal and domestic cases.

Stolen Property Recovery

According to statistical averages in the United States, Private Investigators have a successful recovery rate of 80% – 85% Vs. relying on local Police, who average 11% recovery of autos, and even lower recovery rates on other types of property.

Criminal & Background Checks

Background checks include criminal and civil records checks, personal interviews of individuals and companies in any jurisdiction throughout the United States.

Expert Witness Services

We can locate an expert witness in any field to match your criteria and provide testimony or deposition.
We provide a full range of real property locates on companies and individuals including state-wide, national and over seas assets.

GPS Tracking

We can locate and track people or property with cell phones or GPS tracking devices.

Accident Investigation

We can locate an expert in any field to match your criteria and perform accident reconstruction to recreate and simulate any set of events, including all probable outcomes.

Environmental Testing

We provide historical aerial research, site assessment, field evaluation and arrange testing of hazardous waste sites. We have post-Katrina imagery of Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Communication Searches

We conduct a full range of research on telephone and cell phone information and activity.

Process Service

We provide special process service in all cases throughout Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama (same day service available).

Motor Vehicle Records

Force 1 Solutions can provide detailed motor vehicle profiles, including DMV records, to compile complete individual histories.

Pre-Employment Screening

Force 1 Solutions can provide current and past employment verification of any individual or business (such as independent contractors).