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body-guardArmed and Unarmed Security Guards

Falcon Security is contracted to provide armed and unarmed security officers services.

Construction Site Security

Falcon provides a uniformed, armed or unarmed security officer for every posted, every 12 or 8 hours. Officer shelters, power systems, lighting and restrooms are available. Permanent GPS tracking devices for heavy equipment also available.

Oil Field

Falcon provides officers for inland and offshore projects. Falcon can also secure your storage yards physically or remotely. Affordable microwave intrusion detection is available.

Plant and Facility

Falcon provides a Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA), which will strategically improve your existing system. Falcon will work with contractors to implement the plan and provide the staff to maintain the security (in compliance with OSHA, Federal Regulations and Home Land Security).

Commercial and Residential

Falcon provides officers to secure your business or home during special events, moves or times of crisis. We provide peace of mind so you can deal with issues at hand.

Hurricane and Disaster

These services are provided in the event that you evacuate your home. Falcon can provide a portable power source for pertinent household electronics or supply fuel for one you own.

24 Hour Patrol

Falcon provides a uniformed, armed or unarmed security officer for every post, every eight or twelve hours with vehicle or officer shelter.

Event and Celebrity

Falcon provides security for all types of celebrity functions and events, large and small, public and private. Large Event Security requires specific experience, precise planning, rehearsals, the proper equipment and a large staff of crowd safety officers with special training.

Executive and Personal

Falcon Security provides professional bodyguards for executives, celebrities, dignitaries and private citizens.

Jewelry Escort

Falcon Security provides jewelry escorts and transport services for all types of valuable items.

K-9 Escort

Falcon Security provides certified K-9 services in every capacity.

Security Guard Training

Falcon Security can provide certified training for individuals, groups and corporations. Contact us today to discuss a training program tailored to your specific needs.